Bring the best of JavaScript data visualization to R

  • Use JavaScript visualization libraries at the R console, just like plots
  • Embed widgets in R Markdown documents and Shiny web applications
  • Develop new widgets using a framework that seamlessly bridges R and JavaScript

Widgets in action

Just a line or two of R code can be used to create interactive visualizations. See the featured widgets in the showcase and browse over 50 available widgets in the gallery.

Interactive dashboards

You can easily compose multiple htmlwidgets into a dashboard using the flexdashboard package, which features flexible and easy to specify row and column-based layouts for multiple widgets.

Widgets in harmony

Widgets can be wired together using the crosstalk package. Linked brushing between widgets and client side filtering are currently supported. Use Shiny to create more sophisticated interactions.

Creating widgets

Learn how to create an R binding for your favorite JavaScript library and enable use of it in the R console, in R Markdown documents, and in Shiny web applications.